Curry is King & That is Official

Researchers in America have found conclusive evidence that Curry has profound health benefits. Their research shows that the ingredient turmeric; which happens to be an essential component of the entire curry preparation, prevents diseases like cancer.

Previously Curry and bear drinking went hand in hand according to the bear drinkers association of Wales. There were numerous claims that a hot curry after a heavy drinking session minimized the chance of a big hangover. Additionally it was claimed that Curry soaked up the alcohol and thereby reduced damage to the stomach lining. These claims remained unsubstantiated for a long time until Welsh bear drinkers association decided to fund a study/survey. Surprisingly, out of a sample of 100 bear drinkers who very kindly volunteered to take part in this survey responded to the questions listed below as follows:-

Preferred choice of food after a drinking session? 84% not only preferred a hot curry but they said it was a must.

….. James comments … I drink between 10 to 15 pints on Friday and Saturday night. Saturday may be a bit more because of football. I make a point of having some food before I start drinking every time. But, around 11pm when the pubs shut… I nip down to the local India and order a very hot curry. I find that it sobers me up fairly quickly and the morning after, as it were, is not so bad….. I put this down to what is in the curry…..

Are you an avid curry eater? 87% only eat curry after they’ve had few bears.

…. Their general consensus appears to be that… amongst side effects… it makes people sweat when they eat a hot curry… Profuse sweating during the course of a meal lasting say an hour or 45 minutes lowers the alcohol content in the blood stream. The statement that curry “sobers me up” therefore stands to reason and so the claim is a valid one…..

By far the biggest endorsement for curry having health benefits and to an extent healing properties comes from the American study. The study demonstrates that curry and in particular the ingredient turmeric contains properties which prevent certain type of cancer from growing and developing. The type of cancer that the turmeric is proving beneficial in preventing are:-

1)Colon cancer
2)Pancreatic cancer
3)Skin cancer

Finally, curry and its ingredients are not only benefiting drinkers in pubs across the country in the UK but in Europe as well. The real exciting news is that serious medical conditions such as the ones above (1 to 4) which threaten peoples lives can also be eradicated, curtailed or even prevented altogether. I suggest that you dig out your old Indian recipe books and start cooking healthy curries for yourself and for your family straight away.

Lithotripsy – a Way of Removing Bladder Stones

Evidence of problems related to bladder stones and other urological problems dates back to the Egyptian Mummies, However it was not until recently that urology was recognized as sub-specialty of general surgery.

What is Urology? What does it deal with?

Urology is a study, diagnosis and treatment of the urinary tracts of both male and female along with the reproductive system of the male. It basically deals with all the problems related to the urinary and reproductive tracts.

In humans the reproductive tract and the urinary tract are closely linked due to which problem in one of them can affect the other. Kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urethra, urinary bladder and the male reproductive organs are the organs of the human body which are covered under urology. The field of urology is challenging to both the urologists and the physicians as the number of organs and physiological systems involved are many. This challenging and vast field of medical science is divided into sub-disciplines like Urologic Oncology, Neurourology, Pediatric Urology, Endourology and many more.

As the risks and challenges are several due to the involvement of multiple organs, it is important to find a highly efficient and competent urologist who will be able to understand, diagnose and treat your problems. One such hospital where you find the most competent urologist is the Noble Hospital.

The best hospital for Urology in Pune , it has highly qualified staff who have expertise in female urology, kidney and urinary tract disease, kidney stones, Urinary incontinence, general urologic care, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urologic cancers like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, adrenal cancer, testicular cancer and many others. The hospital offers comprehensive care and treatment to both men and women for urological conditions treating them with efficiency and confidentiality.

The most common problem found among people related to urology is the kidney stones. Noble Hospital uses Lithotripsy treatment which is also known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy. Some kidney stones are very large are not able to pass easily through the urine stream and causes severe pain to the patients. In such conditions shock waves are administered which passes through the body to break down the kidney stones to smaller fragments which can easily pass through the urine stream.

Along with expertise in many areas like pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics and other areas of medical science, Noble Hospital does its part to the society through organizing free health camps for the under privileged and also by educating people through mass media like news paper, radio and television.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

Eye care is important for any time of the year, but as the summer months start tempting patients outside in swimsuits and tank-tops, simple tricks to maintaining good eyesight are just as important as remembering to even out that tan. After all, the last thing you want to do is start September with a new pair of glasses! To keep your eyesight good as new, just remember these quick tips:

Wear your sunglasses!
UV rays can cause a sunburn or skin cancer, but they can also affect your keen vision! The number one rule of summer eye care is to never forget your sunglasses, because too much UV light can cause a condition called ‘sunshine cataracts’. If you spend more time in the pool than out of it, try getting a pair of tinted goggles; this two-in-one package can protect your eyes from both chlorine and sunlight.

Visit your eye doctor
Early September may be the time of year for doctor’s appointments for your kids, but while you’re making appointments, don’t forget to make one for yourself. Eye doctors can catch symptoms of eye disease and blindness-or even just that little tweak your prescription needs-early on, and the sooner you find out about any problems your eyes might have, the sooner you can treat them.

Contact lenses: read the label
If your contact lenses are only supposed to last a week and you wear them for three, your eye care standards may be a little lower than they should be. Through general contact wear and tear, proteins can build up, impacting your vision and putting you at greater risk for eye infection. When you do re-use contacts, rinse them each time you take them out, and remember to only purchase high-quality lenses that are a comfortable fit for your eye.

Eat the rainbow
One of the easiest ways to perfect your eye care is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the health effects fruits and veggies have on the rest of your body, the vitamins and minerals present in these multi-colored snacks can also help you maintain healthy eyesight. Antioxidants present in some common fruits and vegetables have been proven to slow the effects of aging and chronic diseases that affect eyesight. While you may not be able to restore the vision you have already lost, you can certainly help maintain your current level of sight through a healthy diet.

Whole Grains and How They Help You to Stay Healthy

Whole grains are rightly touted as one of the best sources of fiber. Whole grains should be a part of every individual’s daily diet, as they are extremely beneficial to health for a multitude of reasons.

If you are not getting enough whole grains in your diet, or if you are still consuming white bread and pasta products made with refined flour instead, then stop and think twice about what you are doing. To optimize your health, switch to whole grains and start reaping the benefits of doing so!

The absolute best sources of whole grains include such things as barley, oats, rye and wheat. These grains consist of the seeds of a plant and contained in it is the outer shell, the middle shell and the inner section. The outer shell is referred to as the bran while the middle section is the endosperm and the inner section is known as the germ.

Whole grains products whether they be bread, rice, pasta, cereal and other products are excellent sources of a number of vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, folate, chromium, copper, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc. Folate is responsible for reducing the levels of an amino acid called homocysteine that exists in the bloodstream. Too much homocysteine in the blood has been shown through research studies to increase the risk of heart disease.

Whole grains are rich in lignans, phenolic acid and phytochemicals known as phytosterols. Research studies into the benefits of whole grains have discovered that that this “miracle food” is capable of decreasing the risk of a number of different cancers developing as well as type II diabetes. They are also effective at lowering cholesterol and decreasing the risk that an individual could develop heart disease and other circulatory problems. The benefits do not end there. Whole grains are capable of decreasing inflammation in the body and therefore lowering the risk of heart disease and other heart complications.

A research study conducted at the University of Utah by Doctor Martha Slattery yielded the results that a diet rich in whole grains and in particular, high fiber cereals decreased the risk that rectal cancer will develop by approximately 31 percent. Further studies showed that a diet high in fiber, which is to say, more than 34 grams of fiber consumed on a daily basis, is capable of decreasing the chance of colorectal cancer by 66 percent.

Another study that was recently conducted at Tufts University by Doctor Nicola McKeown, showed that the participant of the study who ate at least three servings of whole grains on a daily basis were much less inclined to succumb to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, both of which are likely to preceed type II diabetes and heart disease.

Whole grains provide both soluble and insoluble fiber to those who eat it regularly. The body requires both. A research study conducted by Doctor Qi and her colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health with women participants showed the result that females who suffer from diabetes can benefit from eating a great deal of whole grains, cereal fiber and bran. When tested these women were found to have lower blood vessel inflammation which has been closely connected with circulatory disease.

What Do You Do When You're Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

The news is good about prostate cancer. Although it is the third most often diagnosed cancer in men in the United States, following skin and lung cancers, 98 percent of sufferers are still alive five years after diagnosis. This is a vast improvement over the 64 percent rate of the late 1980s. Although the rate drops to 91 percent ten years after diagnosis this is still an impressive survival rate considering that the group includes men who were first diagnosed with advanced cancer and many older men of whom an appreciable number have other health issues.
The news can be very good indeed; for example, 99 percent of men with Gleason 6 organ confined prostate cancer have not had any relapse (biochemical failure) a decade after surgical treatment. Further, it is very unlikely that these men will experience a recurrence after that time.

Despite the highly encouraging statistics many men and their families are initially devastated by the diagnosis. Although every man and every family member has a very individual reaction there are some common elements that many men share.

Don’t go it alone. Whether you’re an average man or consider yourself emotionally tough you stand to benefit from having people to lean on and use as a sounding board to ensure that your decisions regarding your disease are reasonable. There are many likely candidates to help you through this period. They range from family and friends to your physician or your clergyman. Virtually every community has a number of prostate cancer support groups that provide access to information and the shared experiences of others who have gone through exactly what you are facing. And there is a tremendous amount of information about this disease on the internet although as with every other type of on-line information you will need to do some work to ensure that it is is accurate.

Modern therapies are achieving impressive results. In this age of PSA testing men tend to be diagnosed at an early stage, frequently before their cancer has spread from their prostate or the immediate area. At this stage, treatment is usually quite effective and very frequently completely curative. Sexual side effects of treatment, where they occur, may be mitigated by oral medications, injection therapy or even penile implants. And incontinence (beyond the recovery period), once the bane of prostate treatments, is now the exception rather than the rule.
There are several proven treatments for prostate cancer and a number of others whose value has not been as well proven. The treatments that most men resort to today are radiation therapies (of whom several types exist) and surgery (with the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy method being the most prevalent today).

Men may do well in one or both of these vital areas while some may have an impaired recovery. Factors that have an influence on the ultimate recovery of urinary and sexual functions include the extent of, and techniques used in the surgery, the particular physiological makeup of the patient and the skill and experience of the surgeon.

Privacy issues – some men are very open with family, friends and coworkers about their diagnosis while others react with varying degrees of isolation.

Make a treatment decision that you are comfortable with – By the time most men finish doing their “homework” a treatment decision (or even the decision to defer treatment) will have assumed a certain shape in their mind. It will be the result of time spent speaking with their support crew of family and friends, hearing or reading about prostate cancer survivors’ experiences, reading the information available in print and on the internet, speaking to physicians about the best course of action to take and doing a fair amount of thinking. By the time most men move forward with their decision much of their initial fear and uncertainty has vanished and the road ahead assumed at least some sort of reassuring outline Over a longer span of time subsequent to treatment most men express a fairly high degree of satisfaction with the treatment decisions they made.

5 Simple Tips For Better Sleep

There a probably hundreds of hints, herbs, tricks and medications to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. But rather than focus on how to fall asleep, what’s more important is to focus on what you do when you’re awake that will allow you to sleep better. In this short article, I’ll give you five simple tips that you can do during the day to help improve the quality of your sleep so that you can wake up more refreshed and have more energy during the day.

The first and most important thing is to avoid eating close to bedtime. The general rule of thumb is to avoid eating anything within 3-4 hours of going to bed. That means no late-night snacking. It’s generally thought that if you have food in your stomach while you sleep, the energy that it takes to digest food diverts nutrients from the rest of your body and brain, so that healing and restoration can’t occurs that well. Another simple explanation is that lingering stomach juices can either leak up or be actively sucked up into your throat, causing you to wake up frequently, preventing deep efficient sleep. It’s been shown that even normal people have short occasional breathing pauses which can create a vacuum effect in the throat.

The second most important step is to avoid any kind of alcohol within 3-4 hours of bedtime. Conventional thinking is that alcohol is dehydrating, but one thing that most people don’t realize is that alcohol is a strong muscle relaxant. It will make you drowsy, so you’ll fall asleep easier, but because it also relaxes your throat muscles including your tongue, you’ll stop breathing more often and keep waking up from deep sleep to light sleep, or wake up completely multiple times. Suffering from deep sleep deprivation will give you that “hangover” feeling, which most people interpret as dehydration.

Third, get more sunlight. Not the artificial, tanning type, but the real sun. Because of all the paranoia about skin cancer, and due to modern society’s shifting to indoor office work, we don’t get enough sunlight shining not only into our eyes (which sets and calibrates our internal sleep clock), but our skin as well (which promotes Vitamin-D production). Try exercising in the morning when the sun’s rays are not as damaging, and go outside for lunch.

Fourth, turn off all electronic devices, including your TV, cell phone, computers, and radio at least one hour before you go to bed. All these thing stimulate your brain too much, and besides, most of what you see or hear in the media is either disturbing or bad news anyway. You don’t need to clutter your mind with this material before you go to bed.

Lastly, take an inventory of your entire bedroom in complete darkness and look for excessively bright lights on your electronic devices. The LED lights that come with modern appliances are super bright-some are brighter than most night-lights. Cover them with black electrical tape. Make sure your windows prevent any stray light from entering your bedroom. Your eyes need complete darkness for your internal sleep clock to function properly.

Different Treatment Options Available for Stage IV Prostate Cancer

Stage IV is the last stage of prostate cancer and the diagnosis shows a tumor that has spread to other parts of the body, including the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, bones, or bladder. Patients affected with such type of cancer have a survival rate of 29% for five years. But, keep in mind, the survival rate of prostate cancer is very high compared to other types of cancers since it is a slow moving disease. The majority of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Kansas City will pass away due to an unrelated cause.

Causes of Prostate Cancer

– Men over 50 years of age develop the risks of prostate cancer
– Researchers report that there may be a link between obesity and prostate cancer
– Men who skip exercise have been found to be at higher risk of developing prostate cancer.
– A diet high in calcium is linked to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.


– Trouble urinating
– Decreased force in the stream of urine
– Blood in the semen
– Discomfort in the pelvic area
– Bone pain
– Erectile dysfunction

Prostate cancer that has been spread to distant organs is treatable but is not curable. The different treatment options available for metastatic stage IV prostate cancer includes,

– Hormone Therapy
– Chemotherapy
– Immunotherapy

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy lowers the male hormone levels that are responsible for the growth of prostate cancer. This type of treatment can be achieved with orchiectomy or luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) analogs, alone or in combination with an anti-androgen.

For the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer, newer hormonal medications that inhibit the synthesis of androgen and block androgen receptor signaling are now FDA approved.


Like hormone therapy, chemotherapy is a systemic therapy which injects cancer-fighting drugs to circulate in the blood to parts of the body that are affected by cancer cells. This technique kills or eliminates cancers cells at sites great distances from the original cancer. Chemotherapy drugs like mitoxantrone, docetaxel, paclitaxel and estramustine have been demonstrated as having the ability to kill prostate cancer cells in patients with advanced prostate cancer. Recently, several other advanced chemotherapies and targeted therapy drugs have been approved for the treatment of prostate cancer designed to treat only the cancer cells and minimize damage to normal, healthy cells.


Immunotherapy also called as immunologic therapy or biotherapy, is a type of prostate cancer treatment in Kansas City that uses the body’s immune system to facilitate the killing of cancer cells. Different types of biological therapy includes,

– Interferon, interleukin
– Monoclonal antibodies
– Colony stimulating factors
– Vaccines

In some patients, the combination of radiation and immediate hormonal therapy appear to increase the survival rate.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Lose Weight

Obesity is often times associated with many health problems such as cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, and gall bladder disease. Along with these, excessive weight can also make one individual feel insecure, embarrass and uncomfortable.

Primarily, weight gain is caused by excessive food intake and physical strain. Internal reasons like, decreased brain stimulation of the glands like hypothalamus, thyroid glands, adrenal glands can also result to obesity.

In addition, overeating is a result of stress, boredom, food or comfort issues and malnutrition. Malnutrition can be a cause of overeating because this is one symptom that may subject one to overeat. By doing this, the body is getting plenty of calories, but can still be deficient in one or more nutrients. This will keep the body to feel hunger that will prompt the individual to continue eating in an attempt to gain the lacking nutrition.

Failure in the attempt to lose weight for those obese people is because of the reduced needed nutrients are causing increased hunger making it hard for people wanting to lose weight to simply cut down on the amount of the food they eat. This prompted clinicians to develop a multifaceted approach to weight loss. This includes behavioral modification, nutritional guidance, and physical activity. In this case, Chiropractors can be a big help for those people who are considering weight loss. They offer nutritional counseling and guidance that can help slim wannabes evaluate their current lifestyle and nutritional needs.

The evaluation of the individual’s needs should be the first step in order to achieve successful weight loss. In this case, Chiropractors could offer encouragement and advice. The procedures offered by Chiropractic care in the case of weight loss could include spinal manipulation, massage, and nutritional advice.

Spinal adjustments and manipulation can be very effective in weight loss management, as claimed by some studies. This is because, in the process of spinal manipulation, flexibility is further enhanced that takes off the pressure in spinal cord. During the procedure, spinal alignment helps in the absorption of essential nutrients and distribution of oxygen. With regular manipulation and chiropractic weight loss exercise combined, the individual can gradually lose weight.

Researches also showed that massage can be very beneficial to the muscle building ability of the body as well as fitness levels. This increases the person’s capacity to reduce or control weight gain. Firm and toned muscles reduced the body’s excess fats in the adipose tissues.

Most likely, chiropractors would suggest the person wanting to lose weight to avoid drugs, alcoholic beverages and other vices. They will also be advised to have adequate sleep, refrain from caffeinated drinks and smoking but in return must drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices. This lifestyle can help in the program of losing weight because of the reduction of caloric intake and substituting it with nutritious foods.

Avoid Shower Filters That Don't Remove Cancer-Causing Chemicals

As you might have predicted, shower filters with a two stage or dual filter system provide considerably more protection against contaminants than a single filter media. Chlorine shower filters with only one filter media can reduce the level of chlorine in your water, but they may leave other impurities and harmful synthetic chemicals like THMs (Trihalomethane). Unlike a shower water filter that utilizes only one filter media, brands like the Aquasana shower filter system use a two stage filtration process with two filter media.

When taking a warm shower, the pores of your skin open up more than usual. When this happens, it’s not just chlorine that is absorbed through your skin. There are over 2,100 toxic chemicals in your tap water that can cause cancer, according to the Ralph Nader Research Institute. Dermal absorption and inhalation of chlorine and other chemicals while showering has now been linked to breast cancer, bladder cancer, asthma and many other diseases. Most shower filters with a single filter media use only Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), which is generally effective at reducing chlorine and certain other organic contaminants. This leaves a lot to chance considering the massive amounts of harmful chemicals that are coming from our showerheads and faucets.

For the best protection against absorbing and inhaling chemicals in your shower, research quality shower filters that feature a dual filter system. To show the power of a two stage shower filtration process, let’s look at the specifics of the Aquasana AQ-4100 Pure Shower Filter. Stage one utilizes 16 oz. of granular zinc and copper KDF-55D media. Together, the zinc and copper create an electro-chemical reaction that transforms harmful contaminants into harmless particles. The result is that chlorine and dangerous chemicals are filtered out of the water by as much as 99%. Additonally, the pH of the water is also enhanced. The second filtration stage uses 7.2 oz. of carbonized coconut shell medium for the removal of synthetic chemicals, THMs (Trihalomethane), and VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals).

While the threat of serious health conditions like cancer is enough to make many people see a chlorine shower filter as a necessity, the amazing cosmetic benefits that customers notice are easily worth the cost of 21 cents a day. If you have swum in a chlorinated pool, it is very likely that you noticed how it robs your skin and hair of moisture, and leaves your eyes red and irritated. However, many people are unaware that the chlorine level coming from a home shower head or sink faucet usually has as much or more chlorine than most swimming pools. Cosmetic conditions that occur from showering in chlorinated water can result in symptoms ranging from dandruff and irritated eyes to eczema and psoriasis. Dual stage shower filters offer the best protection against minor and major health problems.

With literally thousands of cancer-causing chemicals making their way into public water supplies, shower filters are considered by many to be a necessity rather than a luxury. Aquasana For Life is the only Aquasana store that offers a true risk-free 60-Day Guarantee by promising free return shipping if you are unsatisfied.

Attitude to Make Money: Is Your Glass Half-Empty?

The Internet has triggered a virtual gold-rush of budding entrepreneurs seeking their fortunes in cyberspace. Unfortunately, not everyone has the right attitude to learn how to make money online, and only a handful eventually strike gold. Those that succeed are the ones who look at life as a glass half-full instead of half-empty. That’s the right attitude to learn how to make money online.

Successful online entrepreneurs who have the right attitude to learn how to make money online are optimistic, not pessimistic. They firmly believe that they can handle any challenges (glass half-full) and not that these challenges will prevent them from attaining Internet success (glass half-empty). It’s this positive attitude that propels them to success

Let’s cite an example. Everyone knows Thomas Alva Edison is the inventor of the light bulb. But did you know that he made thousands and thousands of mistakes before he could come up with a light bulb that worked? When asked about what kept him going after so many failures, Edison replied, “Well, after I had found thousands of ways NOT to make a light bulb, I was sure it would only be a matter of time before I found the way that worked.” Edison viewed his light bulb problems simply as the glass being half-full. That’s a classic example of having the right attitude to learn how to make money online

There are three key reasons why optimism or seeing the glass as half-full is the right attitude to learn how to make money online.

When you start doing business on the Internet, there are so many things to worry about. What if your products or services are not good enough? What if your Internet marketing proficiency is insufficient? What if you don’t know enough about the Internet to succeed online? There’s so much to worry about and even optimistic people realize that these are valid concerns. However, they also realize that acting like a frightened little rabbit is not the solution. Guided by their optimism, these people instead choose to focus on doing what they can to help their business instead of about things they can’t do anything about. Optimistic people are confident that they can overcome any crisis or concerns because they always have. That’s the right attitude to learn how to make money online.

Doing business on the Internet means learning many new things: how to prospect for clients, how to sell your wares, how to write promotional blogs, articles and press releases, etc. In this sense, the budding online entrepreneur is like a new-born baby learning how to walk, how to talk and how to function in a new world: a virtual world. To successfully adapt to this new world, the online entrepreneur should have optimism because that’s the best attitude to learn how to make money online. It’s optimism that allows him to negotiate his new world with confidence and determination. Imagine two newly-divorced women who are contemplating their new lives for the first time. The pessimistic woman thinks, “Oh no, my life is over,” while the optimistic one thinks, “Oh yes, my life has just begun.” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine which of them will flourish in their new life. Doing business online is the same thing.

Sometimes, what you need to learn to succeed on the Internet can be very technical and very difficult. It can be so difficult that you hardly know where to begin. Under these circumstances, optimism is absolutely the best attitude to learn how to make money online. Without optimism, a person can easily give up and accept his limitations. However, with optimism, even the seemingly impossible can be attained.

The magic of optimism is that it makes even the impossible seem attainable. Is there any better attitude to learn how to make money online than that? Armed with optimism, cyclist Lance Armstrong overcame testicular cancer and went on to win the grueling Tour de France six straight times. Armed with optimism, Roger Crawford overcame the fact that he was born with one leg and two arms to become a tennis professional in Australia. And armed with optimism, you too can work your own miracles on the Internet. The bottom line is that, with the right attitude to learn how to make money online, anything is possible. With optimism, anything can be achieved.