Is The Lemonade Cleanser Diet Just A Bunch Of Hype?

The lemonade cleanser diet goes by several names, including the Stanley Burroughs cleanse, the cayenne pepper cleanse, the lemonade cleanse, and the lemon fast. It was invented by Stanley Burroughs in 1941. Burroughs referred to it as the Master Cleanse.

According to Burroughs, the lemonade cleanser diet is a detoxification program which cleans the body of harmful toxins, which can assist with everything from weight loss to curing cancer.

It’s also been claimed that this diet removes cravings for stuff like sugar, tobacco, and alcohol. Burroughs himself claimed that his Master Cleanse could cure pretty much anything.

So what exactly does the diet consist of? It’s probably the simplest diet in the world, actually. It’s a mixture of fresh squeezed lemon juice, grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and mineral water. You drink 6 glasses of this mixture daily for 10 days or so. That’s it.

Oh yea . . . and you can’t eat anything for those 10 days.

Is there a downside to the lemonade cleanser diet? Unfortunately, yes. There is no scientific evidence to back up Burroughs’ claims. All the benefits derived so far have been anecdotal. Other than weight loss, no studies have documented that this diet cures cancer or anything else.

According to many experts, the cleanse operates as a placebo, and has really no benefits at all, outside of rapid weight loss. Some even say it’s dangerous, citing a lack of essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Many people who report trying the lemonade cleanser diet, however, report experiencing rapid, permanent weight loss, increased energy, and being cured of chronic diseases.

Many celebrities have reportedly used the diet with great success. Beyonce, for instance, told Oprah that she used it to lose 22 pounds in 14 days to prepare herself for her role in the movie, “Dream Girls.”

I first learned of the lemonade cleanser diet about 10 years ago. I tried it back then, but fell flat on my face. Man, is it hard!

I would get up in the morning, drink the lemonade, and go to work. I’d come home for lunch and drink another glass.

The first day was about what I’d expected. I had a few hunger pangs and felt light-headed most of the day. That night, however, I started to sweat. A lot.

The next morning my bed was drenched with sweat, and my head pounded. I drank my breakfast, but it didn’t seem to help much. At work that day, people kept asking me if I was OK. One of my friends even thought I was doing drugs.

The third day, however was the worst. When I got up, I almost vomited at the thought of drinking another glass of lemonade. I did it anyway. I felt angry that whole day.

I made a mistake at work that day, and my boss let me know about it. It was all I could do to hold my tongue. After work, I drove straight to McDonald’s for a quarter pounder with cheese. It was the best meal I’ve ever eaten.

More recently, my friend Reggie told me she’d heard about some modifications to the lemonade cleanser diet that Burroughs didn’t publish in his book. She was quite overweight, and asked me if I would do this diet with her. With reluctance, I agreed.

Her modifications made all the difference. We were both able to go the full 10 days. She lost 18 pounds and I lost 7. In addition, she stopped smoking and my acid reflux disease never came back.

That’s just my experience.

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