Attitude to Make Money: Is Your Glass Half-Empty?

The Internet has triggered a virtual gold-rush of budding entrepreneurs seeking their fortunes in cyberspace. Unfortunately, not everyone has the right attitude to learn how to make money online, and only a handful eventually strike gold. Those that succeed are the ones who look at life as a glass half-full instead of half-empty. That’s the […]

Infant GERD: Protect Your Baby Now

Recent statistics show that children from 3 to 7 are victims of acid reflux symptoms between 2 and 8% of the time, and that for infants 20% is the real percentage that suffers. Since the 1990s, there has been an increase in infant gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Infants challenged on a developmental or neurological level […]

Do You Know The Early Stages Of Skin Cancer?

The diagnosis of skin cancer can be devastating. It is a scary time and you may be wondering what you should do next. If your skin cancer has been detected in its early stages your chance of survival is very good. When you catch skin cancer early, you can have it removed and stop the […]

Is Baby Powder Even Safe For Babies?

Now that a $ 70 million lawsuit has been settled holding Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder responsible for causing a woman’s ovarian cancer, mothers around the world are asking if baby powder is safe for use on their babies or if they should discontinue its use. Results of a recent trial found Johnson and Johnson […]

Did Your Doctor Reassure You That You Just Had Hemorrhoids When You Actually Had Colon Cancer

The very mention of the word “cancer” tends to raise fear in most of us. It can thus feel very reassuring to hear your doctor tell you that you just have hemorrhoids and there is no need to worry about the blood in your stool can be very reassuring. But this reassurance should only come […]

Breast cancer stages

Breast cancer is divided into five stages. Stages 0-2 are considered “early”, stage 3 considered “advanced”, and stage 4 “late”. Staging categories are important for predicting future prognosis, and determine optimal treatment recommendations.Stage 0 is DCIS, or ductal carcinoma in situ. Breast cancer arises from the cells that line the milk ducts. When the cancerous […]

Let Us Know The Magic Of Resveratrol As An Antioxidant

Antioxidants are a proper blend of the hygienic and nutritional elements that offer a variety of health benefits. A great source of antioxidants is Resveratrol which is a well known and admired name in the health nutrition and supplement market. It has gathered immense popularity in the recent years on account of the extra ordinary […]

Melanoma; Cancer of the Skin

Melanoma is a cancer of the skin that is malignant and can be found prominently on the skin but can also be found in the bowel and even the eye. Melanoma is the rarest of skin cancers but it causes the most skin cancer related deaths. Melanoma is caused by the uncontrolled growth of pigment […]