Avoid Shower Filters That Don't Remove Cancer-Causing Chemicals

As you might have predicted, shower filters with a two stage or dual filter system provide considerably more protection against contaminants than a single filter media. Chlorine shower filters with only one filter media can reduce the level of chlorine in your water, but they may leave other impurities and harmful synthetic chemicals like THMs (Trihalomethane). Unlike a shower water filter that utilizes only one filter media, brands like the Aquasana shower filter system use a two stage filtration process with two filter media.

When taking a warm shower, the pores of your skin open up more than usual. When this happens, it’s not just chlorine that is absorbed through your skin. There are over 2,100 toxic chemicals in your tap water that can cause cancer, according to the Ralph Nader Research Institute. Dermal absorption and inhalation of chlorine and other chemicals while showering has now been linked to breast cancer, bladder cancer, asthma and many other diseases. Most shower filters with a single filter media use only Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), which is generally effective at reducing chlorine and certain other organic contaminants. This leaves a lot to chance considering the massive amounts of harmful chemicals that are coming from our showerheads and faucets.

For the best protection against absorbing and inhaling chemicals in your shower, research quality shower filters that feature a dual filter system. To show the power of a two stage shower filtration process, let’s look at the specifics of the Aquasana AQ-4100 Pure Shower Filter. Stage one utilizes 16 oz. of granular zinc and copper KDF-55D media. Together, the zinc and copper create an electro-chemical reaction that transforms harmful contaminants into harmless particles. The result is that chlorine and dangerous chemicals are filtered out of the water by as much as 99%. Additonally, the pH of the water is also enhanced. The second filtration stage uses 7.2 oz. of carbonized coconut shell medium for the removal of synthetic chemicals, THMs (Trihalomethane), and VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals).

While the threat of serious health conditions like cancer is enough to make many people see a chlorine shower filter as a necessity, the amazing cosmetic benefits that customers notice are easily worth the cost of 21 cents a day. If you have swum in a chlorinated pool, it is very likely that you noticed how it robs your skin and hair of moisture, and leaves your eyes red and irritated. However, many people are unaware that the chlorine level coming from a home shower head or sink faucet usually has as much or more chlorine than most swimming pools. Cosmetic conditions that occur from showering in chlorinated water can result in symptoms ranging from dandruff and irritated eyes to eczema and psoriasis. Dual stage shower filters offer the best protection against minor and major health problems.

With literally thousands of cancer-causing chemicals making their way into public water supplies, shower filters are considered by many to be a necessity rather than a luxury. Aquasana For Life is the only Aquasana store that offers a true risk-free 60-Day Guarantee by promising free return shipping if you are unsatisfied.

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