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Experience a massage that feels absolutely wonderful while providing subtle and remarkably accurate vibrational attunements throughout your energy system that occur as a result of Paige’s unique ability to hold a grounded and steady, high vibrational presence.

As a master of reading, feeling, and interpreting vibrational patterns and energy, Paige has a unique way of bringing you into the experience, authenticating what you feel, and guiding you through your own releases.  Extraordinarily affirming and enlightening, this approach allows you to fully experience, embrace, and align with the Source within you.

♦ Soma Pura Ahhhhhh

A decadent combination of Swedish Massage, essential oil therapy, and subtle energy work that allows the tension to literally melt away restoring the natural Well being within and realigning you to the creative flow.  The ultimate ahhhhhh…..

♦ Myofascial Re-alignment

Deep energetic work within the myofascia combined with facilitated stretching allows for release within the connective tissue matrix restoring structural integrity and balance.

♦ Chakra Experience

Profoundly relaxing, transformative, and affirming, this subtle energy work allows you to tap powerfully into your own natural state of Well being releasing unnecessary thought patterns and restoring harmony within the total Self.

♦ Soma Pura Harmony

This powerful combination of massage, subtle energy work and guided meditation allows you to gently and swiftly attain the clarity you are seeking on your life’s path.  As resistance is released, the natural state of Well being is restored and the answers and insights you are seeking come pouring forth.

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