Team grace message for november 6, 2013

Thank you for helping us spread the Good News of God’s amazing grace to the world using personal emails and social media.

These “weekly” grace messages are designed to be forwarded by you with any personal comments.

It’s simple, non-time consuming, and serves to spread the unleavened truth of the finished work of Christ to thousands.

“Please, for your own sake, consider the possibility that the Good News is much better than you have previously thought, and that just maybe the devil is behind your present performance-based belief system. If you will look, you will begin to see! ” Pure Grace page 110

If the devil couldn’t prevent you from being “born again” his fall-back strategy is to limit your ability to receive the great good news of the Gospel in its fullness. The real truth is so compelling that it is almost irresistible and the devil doesn’t want that news to get out! He knows a “free from the law believer” is his most effective adversary. Stay free, my friends!

Grace to you all,

Pastor Clark Whitten

Grace Church Longwood, FL.

We are asking for your help in sharing the Pure Grace quotes to your social networks (Email lists, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs … etc.) each week. We are also asking that you share your own reviews of the book or thoughts concerning the quote of the week with your friends as well.

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