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Plum Blossom Academy offers a Tai Chi Seniors Program for local residents 65 and up. The class is free for Seniors and is offered
on a first come first serve basis. The class is located onsite at our Littleton location but we also travel to local Senior Centers offering a
discounted rate making it accesible for those on a limited income.

Seniors Program

RESULTS:  Basic knowledge of Tai Chi Applications and Postures. 13 Movement Form for solo practice.
BENEFITS:  Have fun. Lower Stress and Blood Pressure. Improve Balance, Flexibility, Coordination, Posture, Strength, Fitness, and Relaxation.
DETAILS:  The Senior Program is geared to just that – Seniors over the age of 65 that wish to work their bodies, minds, and improve their general health.
The class is opened with a gentle warm-up of moving, walking, and stretching. Following the warm-up students work with partners on learning the application of the Tai Chi postures.
This program will cover the base movements and all supporting material. Once the student has a solid understanding of the application of the movements they can easily assemble
them into a short choreographed set known as the ‘Plum Blossom 13 Movement Tai Chi Form’.

Local Senior Centers interested in hosting a Tai Chi class onsite may contact us for further information

Contact us for more information

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