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“Eleanor Wise discusses the pros and cons of overnight tramadol delivery from online prescription dispensaries. She offers some critical tips for protecting your safety and privacy when ordering medication online. She also provides a useful tramadol primer.”

Tramadol hydrochloride, the generic name for the prescription pain reliever in the opioid category, first appeared on the pharmaceuticals market in 1994. Brand-name tramadol drugs include Rybix, Ryzolt, Ultram, and Ultram ER. Ultracet is the brand name of a combination tramadol and acetaminophen preparation.

Unlike other narcotic analgesics such as morphine, codeine, and meperidine, tramadol does not adversely affect respiration or cardiovascular functions. and physicians may prescribe it for patients whose cardiopulmonary systems are compromised, such as the elderly, smokers, and the obese. Tramadol users are less likely to develop psychological or physical dependence on the pain reliever, and it does not cause the type of euphoria characterized by such opioid formulations such as morphine.

Your doctor may prescribe tramadol to ease chronic pain associated with such ongoing conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

How Tramadol Works on Pain

Tramadol interacts selectively with mu receptors in the central nervous system. Similar to certain antidepressant medications, tramadol also inhibits the re-uptake of such chemicals as serotonin and norepinephrine to block the patient’s perception of pain.

Extended-Release Tramadol

If you struggle with chronic pain and could benefit from 24-hour timed-release medication, such formulations as Utram ER provide tramadol in an extended-release format. This specially-formulated dosage gradually releases the drug in increments to manage moderate to moderately severed chronic pain, delivering overnight tramadol relief as well as during the day without binding you to a frequent dosage schedule. You only take it once, the same time each day, with or without food, for around-the-clock pain management.

Benefits and Risks of Overnight Tramadol Delivery

If you live in a remote location far from the nearest pharmacy, or if you are housebound due to illness or disability, obtaining prescription medication such as tramadol through an online pharmacy may be the very best option.

Online pharmacies may save you money over your local pharmacy. Online drug dispensaries have fewer overhead costs than bricks-and-mortar drugstores, often benefiting customers in terms of lower product mark-ups.

However, unlike your corner drugstore, online dispensaries will add a shipping fee to your prescription cost, and some may assess a handling fee as well. Fortunately, it is easy for you to comparison shop online to determine which establishments offer the best prices and shipping options for your particular needs.

As a wise consumer, however, investigate any pharmacy you are considering to make sure it dispenses prescriptions through licensed channels that ensure the safety of its products. Ask to see your online pharmacy’s privacy policy to protect your medical information. Do not deal with any online pharmacy that does not require a prescription to dispense prescription medication.

When seeking prescription medications, especially those that can be dangerous at an incorrect dosage or have potential for causing mild to severe side effects, the only type of online pharmacy you should ever consider is one that will only fill legitimate prescriptions obtained under a doctor’s supervision.

Tramadol Usage Cautions

Before ordering overnight tramadol prescriptions online, you should be aware of specific cautions regarding its use.

• Do not use tramadol if you are pregnant or nursing without a doctor’s approval
• If you have kidney disease, get prior doctor’s approval
• If you have cirrhosis of the liver, consult your doctor before using tramadol
• Consult your physician before taking tramadol if you have a digestive disorder
• Do not combine tramadol with alcohol
• Do not take tramadol with other narcotic pain medications
• Do not combine tramadol and tranquilizers such as Valium
• Do not take tramadol while under the influence of recreational drugs
• Do not combine tramadol and anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications
• Do not combine tramadol and medications for schizophrenia or other mental disorders

Possible Side Effects of Tramadol

If you have experienced seizures in the past due to epilepsy, traumatic head injury, a metabolic problem, or alcohol or drug addiction, discuss this history with your physician before filling a tramadol prescription. This pain medication has precipitated seizures in some people. Tramadol can seriously affect the health of a newborn when the mother has been taking it during pregnancy, and children under the age of 16 should not take tramadol without the express permission of a physician.

Mild side effects of this prescription medication may include:

• Becoming hoarse
• Developing mouth dryness
• Experiencing dizziness
• A feeling of weakness
• Becoming drowsy
• Sleep disruption
• Experiencing headaches
• Becoming flushed
• Feeling nauseous and vomiting
• Developing diarrhea
• Experiencing a loss of appetite

When obtaining overnight tramadol through an online pharmacy, be aware of more serious side effects of the analgesic and consult your physician immediately if you encounter problems with any of the following:

• Onset of seizures
• Development of fever
• Appearance of skin rash
• Occurrence of blisters
• A breakout of hives
• Facial swelling
• Occurrence of swelling in the throat or tongue
• Occurrence of swelling in the hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs
• Experiencing difficulty swallowing or breathing
• Occurrence of slow or shallow breathing

By exercising caution and common sense, you can find an efficient online pharmacy you can trust to deliver your tramadol prescriptions for trouble-free pain management.

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