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Who We Are

We’re the innovator’s agency. The inherent originality, ingenuity and risk-taking characterized by entrepreneurial frontiersmen creates a natural market for O|C style services. The calculated relocation of our careers from places like San Francisco, Boston, Dallas and Denver to an outpost like Bozeman, Montana is a timely move for everyone. We market ingenuity and there’s plenty of it here.

What We Do

We deliver high-end strategic thinking and execution. We’re innovators & we exploit creativity in a way that results in tangible business outcomes for our clients. Innovation is the art of making new connections and challenging the status quo. Yes, we’re a full-service agency. We design logos, write ads, plan events and issue press releases, but to us, those are just tools. Our value is in masterminding your messaging and marketing.

Our Team

Bridget M. Cavanaugh, founding partner
Brand behavior is at the core of Bridget’s philosophy on creating market leaders. She helps define and cultivate leadership behavior and language. Finding innovative ways to connect clients to influential networks, individuals, investors, media and customers is a constant source of inspiration. Fo
r Bridget’s complete bio,click here. 

Toni O’Berry, founding partner
For Toni, business strategy and design are inextricably linked. Without clear strategic business purpose, design is an empty promise. Just as important as refined artistic sensibilities is a finely tuned creative intellect: creativity, ingenuity, innovation, within the context of business relevance and purpose. In seeking this higher ground, Toni co-founded O’Berry | Cavanaugh, a marketing ingenuity firm in Bozeman, Montana.

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