Think mobile website first and mobile app last – mobile websites for restaurants

We would all love to have a popular app on the iPhone or Android, and have people recommending our app everywhere we go, but this is very unlikely.  First off, the biggest selling apps are games, followed by social networking.  Second, creating and marketing a successful app is like panning for gold; while there are over half of a million apps on the market, very few of them strike gold.  Even if the app does become somewhat popular, the usage for an app that has been downloaded quickly fades to almost nothing after a few months.  In the end the app usage rate becomes almost 1%, which in terms of a business stand point, you’d have to sell or give away a lot of downloads to make 1% a positive figure.  Third, the mobile app is expensive to create because of the rich content it usually offers, and price ranges can be from $5,000 for a very basic app, to $30,000 plus for a well built, multi-functional app.  For smaller businesses, and some larger ones as well, this is too big a risk to fall flat, after all your app would be competing against 500,000 or more already out there.

The mobile web is beginning to see more and more m-commerce sites emerging, and soon will be necessary for any reputable business to be mobile.  A mobile website acts as a cornerstone to your business, is easier to maintain, and extremely cost effective.   The first step into the mobile web arena should be to enlist a mobile web development team in order to make your current website mobile friendly.   The cost of mobile website development at Food Face Online is minimal compared to app creation and we put our client needs as the first priority, and promise results.  Do it yourself mobile website builders lack the proper professionalism to make a lasting impression, and most stand out like a sore thumb.  This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot to get a professional mobile website that lures the traffic that you need to support your business.  A simple and inexpensive, yet neat and user friendly mobile web site can be the best way to make your first impression.

Of course the ideal situation is to have both a mobile website and an app, but this can also be unnecessary if your mobile website is performing the task it is set up for.  I am not down playing the great success that apps have achieved in the mobile marketplace.  Apps are a large part of the reason why the mobile web has become a focal point in the news and in people’s lives.   As more and more smartphones hit the marketplace, and mobile web usage increases, apps will continue to come out strong and fizzle away, while mobile websites will be the foundations that businesses are built upon.  This is why I recommend the mobile website first and foremost.  It is a viable and lucrative investment that will stand as a beacon for your business.  Like most apps, you can incorporate social networking, while getting the essential information to your customer base in a concise format.  One last thing to consider is that not everyone can download apps, but most people that have data plans can access the mobile web.

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