Cavanaghs hyundai:trajet : safety

Driver & Passenger Front Airbags

Occupants have the benefit of front airbags in the event of a collision.    

High tensile roof rail

Trajet’s roof is reinforced with crossmembers made of high tensile strength steel for exceptional protection.    

Side Impact Protection

Doors are reinforced with ultra-high tensile strength steel beams to provide an extra margin of safety against side impacts. Above all, the Trajet’s foundation for safety lies in a highly rigid steel monocoque body structure that Hyundai engineers have created without adding unnecessary weight, and each of the side panels and members are made from the single stamping process to strengthen the structural integrity of the Trajet.    


ABS brakes add that vital extra degree of control and confidence when braking on slippery road surfaces or while comering. Knowing they are there is also an extra measure against driving street.    

New Wiper System

The new wiper system extends and retracts the passenger side wiper arm to create an elongated sweep area for a wider, clearer view.    

Heated Outside Mirror

Electrically adjusted, thermal-wired outside mirrors afford maximum clarity and driving safety.    

Specifications, features and equipment shown here are subject to change without prior notice and may not be applicable in Ireland.
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