Gta greater toronto internet marketing, tools and strategy for small business advertising campaigns

Internet Marketing Tools And Strategy For Greater Toronto Small Business Advertising Campaigns

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing in its most successful format is a strategy of leveraging search engine results pages to successfully achieve business marketing campaign objectives. The most effective Internet marketing tools and strategies is to first ensure that a site has had all website optimization strategies assessed and implemented. If a developer has not incorporated SEO Copywriting Strategies into her Internet marketing strategy then the best method of website promotion that can be controlled is being overlooked.

When I refer to SEO copywriting strategies and techniques I do not mean resorting to hiring a search engine optimization company to perform it. I am referring to making sure all fundamental aspects of design and development have been covered first. Incorporating it into an overall design and development process from project inception will produce tremendous savings for a small business Internet marketing budget.

Internet Marketing Tools

While researching the topic of this page I noticed that internet marketing tools is a highly used search term. Reflecting on that, and knowing there is no magic wand, I realized that like most everything else in this over-commercialized society of ours people expect to be able to apply a quick fix to anything and everything to have it perform optimally. Guess what, there are no quick fixes when it comes to Internet marketing tools.

Fundamental design and development are the best Internet marketing tools available. But if you aren’t convinced, there are plenty of unscrupulous individuals who will gladly take your hard earned income. They may provide all sorts of technical reasons “beyond their control” as to why they were not able to achieve high placing on search results pages for your site. Translated; “beyond their control” typically means “I don’t understand these processes enough to make them produce positive results”. Some of them may even try to take it a step further by trying to sell you additional search advertising services of which they may be an affiliate of. Beware of Internet designers or Internet design companies who also offer search advertising services. In my opinion it is a conflict of interest. It is typically presented as Search Engine Marketing.

Previously mentioned was that Internet marketing is the best source of free advertising available. This is true if leveraged to work for you instead of against. By this I mean you must be able to get a website placed high on search results pages through non-paid methods. Search engine companies provide a valuable information finding resource supported by advertising purchased by companies who have not been able to obtain high placement in search results. They pay to advertise on front pages of query results. If your site appears on front pages without advertising then pay-for-inclusion advertisers are supporting your advertising campaign.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Many Internet marketers who come from a traditional advertising background do not understand two very basic yet important aspects of online advertising campaigns. First of all is that if you need to rely on search engine advertising as a primary means of drawing visitor traffic to a website then be prepared for an uphill battle. Secondly, for those you do manage to draw to your website, do not scare them off with that silly “call to action” mentality that has long been a cornerstone of bricks and mortar advertising.

Internet marketing and traditional offline advertising strategies do not blend well. Those who apply methods used for offline traditional marketing are going to fail miserably in their online marketing campaigns. It must be understood that consumers are changing, we are much more intelligent than marketers are giving us credit for. We can no longer be lead blindly to a watering trough. Today’s consumers are intelligent people, especially those who are using the Internet to find you. They like to research their purchases in advance to be sure they are obtaining value for their money.

If they have arrived at your site there is no need for a call-to-action, they have already been called to action by clicking through to your website from search engine results pages. Consumers do not want to be treated like commodities. They deserve respect; provide it and you will gain an advantage over other companies sharing a marketplace.

Once on your site you need to provide them with a navigation structure that helps them to quickly and easily find what they are searching for. Internet marketing strategy 101; unless a website is specifically about entertainment, people do not arrive at your site wanting to be entertained. Sites designed with flash presentations or background music are annoying not to mention counter productive to website optimization strategies. It’s no coincidence that flash presentations have a skip intro feature. If you want to provide an optimal user experience do not even consider incorporating it in the first place. Irritated visitors are more likely to leave your site before even looking around.

Surely you must have experienced it at sometime. You are sitting peacefully at a computer, maybe listening to relaxing music while researching a product or service you need or want. All of a sudden you arrive at a site that has background looping music that floods your speakers simultaneously along with your own. What happens at that instant? First of all there is a moment of confusion maybe followed by frantic efforts to find a way to mute the website source, or maybe worst yet, your visitor hits his or her back button and on to the next company site on the list. It is disrespectful to push something undesired unto visitors, they will not tell you, they will just leave. It’s known as bouncing visitors in the development industry; their first impression was a bad one so they leave because there are plenty of other websites that will provide a good user experience. Vital information relevant to their query is what they expect to find to help them make a decision about who is offering a product or service at the best value for their money.

Summary Of Best Practices

If your small business has not yet taken advantage of the virtual digital world as a means of promoting your product or service you are neglecting a very valuable resource. However, unless a site is able to achieve top placing in search engine results pages then search engine advertising may become necessary. Do not confuse site promotion methods discussed on this page as being the same; they are not, but many individuals use them interchangeably to define online promotion strategy. Search advertising will heap additional long term expenses on your small business advertising campaigns budget.

I am not trying to be overly critical of other designers and developers. I do not believe in casting stones. I want to believe that most have good intentions because I always first look for goodness in everyone. In most cases it is simply a matter of anyone who knows how to write a few lines of html code believing they are qualified designers and developers. Yes your cousin Bob probably can build a site; most Bobs can; but not to a level of understanding that is required to make it a successful promotional tool. To put it in perspective; I have almost 10 years of I.T. experience (summer of 2009) combined with 30 years of workforce experience. I believe I am just now qualified to provide my I.T. services commercially to help other small business owners with sincerity of intention knowing I can produce a positive outcome.

Repeating what I say at the conclusion of many of my primary topics on this website; information provided on this page is not intended to be all encompassing. This discussion has been presented in general terms in as much depth as is necessary to provide a sense of understanding of how I incorporate this philosophy into each development project.

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