Acyclovir what is and what it is used

I think that the best start is first to talk about acyclovir which can be also no prescription.

It is antiviral drug, that means that it is used to treat viral infection, basically herpes infections.

picture of herpes on man's neck

Example of herpes from wiki

Mostly aciclovir is used to treat lip (oral), genital or skin (one of exampe see in photo, thank’s Wikipedia) infections. But the most important fact is that the acyclovir do not cure the herpes directly, but firstly, decreases pain and then heals that viral infection. Just like double effect. It does much job and helps the body overcome the infection itself.

The no prescription acyclovir also is used to treat cold sores and chickenpox. Also it could be used to prevent these illness.

The acyclovir is one of the most commonly used antiviral drug over the world.

This drug that could be finded without prescription started the new epoch in antiviral treatment and drugs. The creator of this drug Gertrude B. Elion r.i.p was awarded a Nobel prize in 1988 for developing the Acyclovir!

We should draw attention to that fact and to evaluate the benefits of acyclovir.

It is known fact that aciclovir have very low tixicity and are very selective when does ‘treatment’ in our body.

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