Actos lawsuit – storm is brewing & more lawsuits soon

Depending on who you talk to, the Big Storm is either on the horizon or already here. For Takeda Pharmaceuticals, that is. Well, it might already be here, as an army of lawyers will gladly confirm.

In early June of 2012, the FDA had announced a safety warning, saying that use of the diabetes medication Actos (pioglitazone) for a period of time over one year is possibly linked to increased exposure of bladder cancer. The FDA also ordered that the increased risk be printed (added) on the warning label for all pioglitazone – related pills.

This as a consequence of having reviewed data for a period of five years, part of a longer, 10 year epidemiological study by the FDA. The longer a patient is exposed to Actos, the higher the risk of bladder cancer.

The same findings have shown oversees, in studies done in France. They also suggest a correlation of increased risk of bladder cancer and long-term use of Actos. France has – as  a result of these findings – suspended the sale of pioglitazone, pending further analysis and reviews. As a consequence, Takeda even issued an Actos recall.

Same story in Germany, treatment with Actos is suspended for now.

What does all this mean? More lawsuits will come, another Actos side effects lawsuit has been filed in Illinois recently. More to come for sure.

Actos Lawsuit Settlement Information is coming soon to you!

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