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Acomplia was a drug introduced to the market which was going
to try to cure and help with the obesity problem that has
been persisting everywhere in today’s day and age. The
obesity had gotten bad and this drug was trying to fix the
problem with many different tactics and medications. With
the medicine it was planning on being more than a diet pill.
The pill was going to block particular parts of brain
sectors in order to tell the brain and body connection to
not over eat as well as generating proper energy dispersion.

They way it was to work was by taking the pill in order to
control your brain and compute the right responses to food
intake and energy exposition as well as curing certain types
of diabetic issues. The medicine was going to be used in
part with proper exercise and diet and in turn would help to
decrease weight and fat intake. It was also going to be used
to prevent the disease known as cardiovascular disease.



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Not only was the going to be the pill of the future for
diet and disease but also as an aid to help smokers quit
smoking and have the additional motivation to do so. By
blocking the correct brain sectors this pill could almost
tell brains to quit or stop taking in whatever harmful or
bad substances it was doing with the conscious mind. The
pill was here to block and introduce the world to the way of
taking control over the brain and telling it what to do
rather than the other way around.

Acomplia had several studies in order to be placed on the
market. A clinical study had taken place in order to prove
that the medication promoted weight loss in individuals. In
one study it was shown that more than 1/2 of the
participants had proven to gain better cholesterol.

The pill Acomplia was taken off of the market and not
introduced to American public because of the wide variety of
side effects, which enabled the FDA to disapprove the drug
from going on to the American drug intake. Some of the side
effects to this drug included:
Hot flashes
Memory loss
Muscle Cramps
Throwing Up
Itching All Over The Body
Could make you more tired and unable to do everyday tasks
Could make your body start to sweat profusely
Could enable dizziness and make it hard to stand and move
Also, people who were pregnant could become pregnant or
breastfeeding were unable to have intake or this drug.


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