Trabeculoplasty Glaucoma Laser Treatment – How Light Can Treat Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma

There are a number of different ways that glaucoma can be treated, and using a laser is one of these fairly noninvasive treatments that can be utilized. In a trabeculoplasty, very tiny burns are made around the outside of the trabecular meshwork, which causes the tissues to shrink the control the amount of aqueous humor that can flow out of the eye.
” may only last for a few years, as scar tissue can develop which causes the meshworks to bend inwards, at which point additional glaucoma and treatments may be necessary.

A topical anesthetic is usually used to numb the eye by the means of eye drops, and then a contact lens exclusively designed for this glaucoma treatment option will be used on the eye itself.

This contact lens creates a mirror on the surface of the eye which acts as a magnifying glass which allows the laser to penetrate the trabecular meshwork easier. Seeing flashes and dots of color are common during this glaucoma procedure, but it is not painful as a result of the anesthetic.

Some individuals may experience pressure during treatment, while others will experience very little of all. It can be unpleasant having to stay motionless for an extended period of time while the glaucoma laser treatment is being conducted.

Eye doctors have become increasingly adept at decreasing the amount of burns that it takes in order to reduce into ocular pressure, and it now only takes less than 25 burns for the glaucoma treatment to be fully effective.

If you have an endothelial dystrophy type of glaucoma, a trabeculoplasty may be impossible, but it all depends on your eye doctors view of your individual trabecular meshwork within your eye.

After the glaucoma laser treatment has been completed, it will be necessary for you to stay in the office for about 2 hours in order to see if your pressure is reduced within your eye, and the eye doctor will also give you instructions regarding any follow-up care that will be necessary, usually requiring a visit the day after your treatment and a week after that.

Remember that glaucoma medications are frequently used in the treatment of open angle glaucoma, but these are not always successful in reducing intraocular pressure, so laser surgery is a very effective treatment option when medication fails. About 80% of those who receive glaucoma laser surgery have at least two years of control of their eye problems without having to use eye drops or any type of glaucoma drugs.

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