Massage and Bodywork by Monique Andrews, C.M.T. in Pacifica, CA

Sahale Falls - Oregon

By Appointment Only
Pacifica, CA
(650) 245-9421

Thanks for visiting I offer therapeutic massage in the homes and offices of men and women in the San Francisco Bay Area. I also provide “. I am located in Pacifica, California. Clients of all body types, genders, races, and orientations are welcome in my practice.

The foundation of my work is a soothing style of ” and ” massage, designed to relax the body and melt away tension. This work is rooted in an understanding of anatomy and physiology, and is aimed at producing a wide variety of ” that go far beyond relaxation. The massage techniques I employ during each session are uniquely determined according to each client’s needs.

What can you expect from a session with me? After a short interview to assess needs, I leave the room so that you can disrobe to your comfort level in privacy, and place yourself under the top sheet on the massage table. The massage is typically performed with oil or lotion on a well padded massage table. You are fully covered with a drape at all times, except for the area currently receiving work, and your privacy and comfort is greatly respected. The experience is comfortable, and you can expect to come away from each session feeling refreshed and renewed.

I am available by appointment only. I am mobile and provide outcall sessions, since I don’t currently have an office. I offer some “.

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