Trabeculoplasty Glaucoma Laser Treatment – How Light Can Treat Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma

There are a number of different ways that glaucoma can be treated, and using a laser is one of these fairly noninvasive treatments that can be utilized. In a trabeculoplasty, very tiny burns are made around the outside of the trabecular meshwork, which causes the tissues to shrink the control the amount of aqueous humor that can flow out of the eye.
” may only last for a few years, as scar tissue can develop which causes the meshworks to bend inwards, at which point additional glaucoma and treatments may be necessary.

A topical anesthetic is usually used to numb the eye by the means of eye drops, and then a contact lens exclusively designed for this glaucoma treatment option will be used on the eye itself.

This contact lens creates a mirror on the surface of the eye which acts as a magnifying glass which allows the laser to penetrate the trabecular meshwork easier. Seeing flashes and dots of color are common during this glaucoma procedure, but it is not painful as a result of the anesthetic.

Some individuals may experience pressure during treatment, while others will experience very little of all. It can be unpleasant having to stay motionless for an extended period of time while the glaucoma laser treatment is being conducted.

Eye doctors have become increasingly adept at decreasing the amount of burns that it takes in order to reduce into ocular pressure, and it now only takes less than 25 burns for the glaucoma treatment to be fully effective.

If you have an endothelial dystrophy type of glaucoma, a trabeculoplasty may be impossible, but it all depends on your eye doctors view of your individual trabecular meshwork within your eye.

After the glaucoma laser treatment has been completed, it will be necessary for you to stay in the office for about 2 hours in order to see if your pressure is reduced within your eye, and the eye doctor will also give you instructions regarding any follow-up care that will be necessary, usually requiring a visit the day after your treatment and a week after that.

Remember that glaucoma medications are frequently used in the treatment of open angle glaucoma, but these are not always successful in reducing intraocular pressure, so laser surgery is a very effective treatment option when medication fails. About 80% of those who receive glaucoma laser surgery have at least two years of control of their eye problems without having to use eye drops or any type of glaucoma drugs.

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Living With Meat Eaters | Health Information and Lifestyle

Living With Meat Eaters

“” of living with meat eaters. Occasionally the biggest barrier you face once you decide to become a vegetarian isn’t adjusting to a new diet. It might be that an much larger challenge is how you can deal with the relationship with pals, family and friend while you build your new devotion to the vegetarian lifestyle able to them. Thus it’s smart to consider the problems you might encounter in order to smoothly integrate a new desire for vegetarian living with your way of life generally.

If somebody who isn’t a vegetarian learns of the decision, the first reaction might be shock plus confusion.  You could remember when you discovered the vegetarian lifestyle or vegetarian way of life, there are many of miss-perceptions which becoming a vegetarian indicates you’re converting with a odd religion and you aren’t a similar person you was once. You often see that effect from the eyes for yourself, friends or colleagues and included with a concern you have “gone from the deep end” can be a worry that you’ll not be capable of enjoy meals together or, worst of all, you’ll become pushy they as well join in your new diet plus belief program.

The easiest way to ensure that your relationships with other people isn’t adversely changed from your new lifestyle would be to feel out how to tell others and ways to manage their responses.  Much of methods you craft how you present how you feel regarding becoming a vegetarian may reflect your causes of adopting that new lifestyle. When you are considering vegetarian eating primarily regarding diet functions, its natural everybody has their own diet choices. A diet powered vegetarian regime is a thing which will not result in any discomfort in those you’re close with. A key then would be to present the choice to become a vegetarian therefore they know it is usually a health plus diet choice.  When they already know there aren’t large ethical or even religious issues with your decision, which will take most of the stigma to become a vegetarian from the time together, also during meal period. Your openness of your diet decisions can be really essential to the ones in your lifetime who purchase the food and make preparations it.  If you’ll find recipes that could be integrated using the meat eaters recipes and so the cook doesn’t need to prepare two full dishes, that takes many of the overhead from living in a home of meat lovers but still keeping your vegetarian standards.

If your causes of becoming a vegetarian tend to be ethical or religious, next the more you foster available communication can make the difference. First of, decide status on being with other people who don’t share the views.  In the end, choosing to become a vegetarian from the desire for ethical treating animals can be a noble trigger.  But everyone has to handle the fact that not everyone shares the views.  So if you’re avoiding meat because of this and a good friend or relative requests the steak in a restaurant, it truly is more for you to decide to cope with that than to the meat lover.

Naturally you need to share the ethical or even religious values with these you’re near to. But you can’t do that if one makes them unpleasant or cause them to be feel like looking to distance themselves by you. First assist them to accept a new lifestyle. Then since they arrive at accept  a part of you and also they relax understanding you which you accept them just like you need to be accepted, he or she can express attention and you may share how you feel and values.  That will is the best method to share how you feel also to help others determine what becoming a vegetarian is regarding.  And you never know, you may even win several converts is that you use an open as well as patient method of showing others your feelings.  Thus article about “.

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A Bright White Smile is A Confident Smile – Periodontal Specialist of Montana

When most people view the Best Celebrity Smile List and see Vanessa Hudgens with her delightful demeanor, they think white, straight teeth. A bright-white healthy smile is a confident smile.  Cosmetically the white smile is important in our society. There is a good reason for that, a bright smile is a sign of good oral health.

According to “, tooth enamel changes as we get older. Our teeth get fine lines and cracks as we age and what we eat can get into the crevices and stain our smile.

Research from Melbourne University’s Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre states that sugary drinks and sweets are harmful to teeth because of their chemical composition. Sugar can destroy teeth when its fermented by bacteria that produces acid that leads to decay.

Snacking throughout the day makes it difficult for our mouth to be rid of food debris. When food debris builds on the teeth and in the mouth, plaque spreads.

Plaque isn’t the only thing that we need to worry about when it comes too discoloration of our teeth. Simple everyday drinks like coffee, tea and wine can stain our teeth.
Coffee, tea and wine have pigments that attach to the enamel of the tooth.  Tea causes more discoloration than coffee. Red wine may be great for your health, but not so much for your teeth. Red wine is acidic and its color can stain your teeth. As we age, discoloration of our teeth increases.

The enamel on our teeth thins with age and it reveals the softer inner layer beneath called Dentin.  Dentin naturally yellows as we age. The added discoloration from what we eat and drink only compounds the issue.

So what can you do to keep your teeth whiter as you age?

  • Brush your teeth right after you have any food that may discolor your teeth.
  • If you can’t brush your teeth, at least rinse your mouth with water after drinking coffee, tea or wine.
  • Use a straw so that the discoloring liquids bypass your teeth.
  • Some tooth discoloration can be removed with regular dental cleanings. Schedule regular teeth cleaning appointments with your dentist.

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Boston Medical Marijuana Attorney | Marijuana Crime Lawyer in Boston

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been ” for over 12,000 years.  Long before marijuana was made illegal by Federal law, individuals were using this drug to cure a number of medical ailments.  Today, the medicinal value of marijuana is something that is heavily studied and disputed.  Marijuana is often used by cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, which is an aggressive and intense treatment with many side effects.  Cancer patients often use marijuana to relieve the nausea resulting from chemotherapy, which left untreated can cause weight loss and a number of potential health hazards.  Glaucoma patients and people suffering from multiple sclerosis have also scientifically benefitted significantly from using marijuana. 

Even with the many medical uses of this drug, Federal law still considers it to be illegal, and every day medical patients are charged with marijuana related drug crimes.  If you have an existing medical condition, and were charged with a drug offense because of marijuana, you should immediately hire an attorney to preserve your rights.  You could potentially face the same consequences that a normal drug offender would, even if you were using or possessing the marijuana for medicinal purposes to treat a medical condition.     

Boston Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney

If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges because of medical marijuana, ” can help you.  The possible penalties of a medical marijuana related offense could include jail time, fines, probation, or community service.  When facing criminal charges, you will want every possible tool you can get to fight back, and your lawyer is the most important tool you could get.  

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Choose Bike!

Always a fan of labels, I have added another one to my list. I’m a commuter. Dior, Gucci, Prada and Cannondale? I have decided to use my powers for good and now cycle to work. Make no mistake; this was not an immediate decision. FIRST, there was the gear. Shopping for a new bicycle is not an easy task. This is made even more difficult when your last bicycle was a Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe one speed with a banana seat and pink tassels on the handlebars. Apparently, tassels are to a bicycle what socks are to sandals; cute on a child insulting on an adult. Thus tassels be gone, I was in need of a respectable bicycle and a trip to the local specialty bicycle store was made in order to achieve cycling maturity.
Make no mistake I did not “cold call” the bike store and walk in without the faintest idea of what I wanted. I was, at the time, training for my first triathlon and was fully aware that Lance Armstrong had won the Tour de France for the seventh time while riding a Trek. If it was good enough for Lance…
So when the lovely woman at the cycling shop asked if she could help me find something, I spoke with an air of confidence. I knew what I wanted and I knew what I was talking about. I wanted a Trek racing bike. This would seem simple enough to the non-cyclist. Apparently asking for a Trek racing bike at a specialty bike store is like asking for an ice cream cone at Baskin and Robbins.
“What kind of Trek racing bike are you looking for,” the woman asked. Her name was Hannah or Anna, I really can’t remember. I think it was Hannah or at least that it what I called her for the rest of the interaction and she never corrected me either because that WAS in fact her name or she was being polite and desperate for a sale.
“I’d like a really nice Trek racing bike.” I replied confidently. What kind of an idiot did she take me for? No, Hannah/Anna I’d like a piece of crap Trek if you have one?
“Okay,” she said with trepidation knowing full well this was going to be a sale she’d have to walk me through. I should point out that in my defense, Hannah/Anna should have seen this coming. I do not own “sporty clothes” as they are often called. I go shopping in heels and to me “casual wear” could easily be anything formal as long as it paired with a jean jacket. So there I was shopping for my Trek in a fabulous little black dress and a jean jacket. I mean really! Did Hannah/Anna think I actually knew what I was talking about?
“What would you like to use your bike for?” Hannah/Anna asked coming closer to me. It was then that I realized she was very petite. At five feet tall and maybe 90 pounds I could easily take this woman. My confidence immediately grew. She would clearly kick my butt cycling up a an incline but in an arm wrestle I would be the victor.
“I have a triathlon coming up and would like a proper racing bike.” I said with an athlete’s pride. She smiled and I watched her eyes look me up and down. Hannah/Anna was giving me the “you are a triathlete?” look. I get this a lot. I do not have an athlete’s body. Yes I am built more for comfort than for speed however I do get extra points for both effort and fashion. I may not finish in a timely manner but I do finish and pride myself on looking impossibly fresh in the photo afterwards.
“Okay,” said Hanna/Anna, after her once over was complete and she walked to the back of the store to find the first bike for me to try. She emerged a few seconds later and I knew that Hanna/Anna was going to need more than just a little arm wresting contest for me to show her my point of view. There in front of me was a Bumble Bee Yellow Cannondale with black writing and a red seat.
“Hanna?” I said, although the “H” might have been silent, “we need to have a chat.”
“Try it for size.” She said confidently.
“Yah, I don’t think so.” I said surveying the large lemon of a thing.
Allow me to explain…Yellow is the kind of color that is great in food and bad in everything else.
Yellow fruit, fabulous, yellow shirt, not so good. Yellow pie is delicious; a yellow bike is a migraine. And so when my little Hanna/Anna tried to soothe me by suggesting that there were even yellow jerseys to go with the yellow bike, I decided to school her in the colour wheel according to Ali Zentner.
“Hannah, I know you are really trying to help and I am not what you would call knowledgeable in the bike department but I must tell you, I need a pretty racing bike. Black or blue, maybe even turquoise with a lovely accent colour. Something that would look sporty but still is fabulous. Do I look like someone who would be happy on a big bumble bee of a bike?” I was trying to get through to this woman when I looked down at the floor and noticed she was in Birkenstock sandals with, yes, woolen socks in the middle of June.
“Let me get Mike to help you. He is much better with this sort of thing.” She sighed. And with that Hanna/Anna gave up on the sale and on me and walked behind the desk. She turned to the twenty something sitting behind the desk who I could only assume was Mike, pointed in my direction and said “Trek racing”. With that, she picked up a copy of Cycling World magazine and banished me from her memory. Mike was now tag teaming it in her plan and headed in my direction.
“Hey there,” Mike said, “I hear you want a Trek racing bike.”
“Do you guys work on commission?” I asked.
“Yeh,” Mike said.
“Okay,” I answered somewhat vengefully. I was now what my husband would call a “hater”. I was buying a bike from Mike just to give him and not little miss socks and sandals the commission.
Within three minutes, Mike returned from the back with the perfect creamsicle delicious tangerine and white perfection that was to be my Trek.
“Try this one.” He said proudly.
“It’s beautiful.” I said almost with a sigh, “How did you know I wanted a pretty bike?” I asked like a woman opening a Tiffany’s box for the first time.
“ My sister is a fashion journalist and I bought her a bike for Christmas. Went through the same thing with her. She has the same purse as you have.” He said shyly.
I did not know what pleased me more; that my new bike fit perfectly, that it really was practical AND pretty, or that there was a fashion journalist out there carrying the same bag as me.
And so my love affair with the bike began. My Trek and I have now been together for over a year. We have shared many highs and lows. I have learned how to signal properly in traffic rather than just swearing at cars about my directional intentions. I have completed a triathlon and lived to tell the tale. I cycled my way through a rain filled Vancouver winter and learned that when you pedal too fast in the rain the water really does fly up your backside and not in a good way. Through a determination bordering on shear stubbornness I have learned how to use “clip in” pedals where you wear special shoes that clip to the pedals of the bike. Truth be told I learned to clip in not for the extra power it offers the cyclist when riding a bike but for the fact that if there was an occasion to buy special shoes- I would NOT be denied. I have fallen off my creamsicle fabulous perfect bike a total of 21 times (all learning how to use the “clip in” pedals) and managed only a nasty scar on my left knee that refuses to heal. I now own four pairs of cycling shorts all with extra padding in the crotch area, two sets of cycling rain gear and all of my cycling jerseys curiously look wonderful with the colour tangerine.
So, when the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study about the results of cardiovascular benefits of commuters I felt all of my hard work would be now justified. The trial done out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Dr. P. Gordon-Larsen and colleagues studied young people who commuted to work by walking or cycling over a one year period versus those who drove their cars. This cross-sectional study included 2364 participants enrolled in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) study who worked outside the home. The study looked at the relationship between walking or biking to work with body weight, obesity, fitness levels, and risk factors for heart disease. A total of 16.7% of participants used any means of active commuting to work. All other things being equal, male commuters had 50% less like likelihood of obesity than men who drove to work. Unfortunately this difference was not observed in female commuters which only proves my theory that God is a woman without a sense of sisterhood. Female commuters however did have significantly greater fitness levels than non-commuters. So as I ride my Trek rain or shine over the Lion’s Gate bridge and back again day in and day out I can rest assured in the scientific knowledge that I am losing absolutely no weight but if ever I decided to have a foot race with the “old me” (the one who used to drive her car to work) I would definitely kick her ass. No, I may not live longer (the evidence remains to be seen, the studies about longevity are still ongoing) but I do feel better about my cycling ability and my relationship with spandex.
As for the future? Studies come and go and science changes as often as hemlines. Health is transient and we all have to do our part. Someday my love affair with all things tangerine will be replaced with a carbon-fibre turquoise Trek that I can neither afford nor justify at this moment. Someday there will be a study that shows that women who cycle to work on said carbon-fibre turquoise bicycles not only live longer but also are easier to live with. And on that glorious day tassels will be affixed to bicycles everywhere and all will be right in the world once more. No one will go hungry and no one will wear leggings ever again. So it is written, so it shall be done.

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Reuters – Tim Blake Nelson has joined John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore in “Everybody Loves Whales.”

Reuters – These kids are all right.

Reuters – Louie Psihoyos, who won an Oscar this year for directing the dolphin-rights documentary “The Cove,” is suing CBS and BBC alleging unauthorized use of a photograph he took in 1994 for National Geographic.

Reuters – “Clash of the Titans,” a remake of the 1981 cult classic, is a titan on the video charts.

Reuters – Sean Penn is in negotiations to star in a film about the eccentric literary editor who oversaw the release of works by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

Reuters – Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman are in negotiations to star in the inspirational 3D drama “A Dolphin’s Tale.”

Reuters – Sylvester Stallone and his cast of fellow action stars flex substantial ensemble muscle in this high-energy battle between good mercenaries and bad mercenaries.

Reuters – Although comparisons to “Boogie Nights” are unavoidable, “Middle Men,” a lively, fictionalized account of the rise of the Internet porn industry, is decidedly stimulating in its own right, at least in the early going.

AP – There won’t be an encore for Sean Penn and Robin Wright’s marriage — court records show the couple are officially divorced.



Where does your
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We hear a lot these days about

We hear a lot these days about “good fats” and “bad
fats.” The fact is your body utilizes fats to create some important
substances and also uses fat to transport vitamins.

You might think of fats as building blocks. The better the blocks, the stronger
the building. If there are only damaged blocks available, the contractor will
use them, but the building will not be as strong and eventually there will be

Unfortunately some of the best fats, such as flaxseed oil and fish oils, are
lacking in most diets. Where this is the case, supplementation may be

Essential fatty acids nourish the body at the very foundation of health. . .at
the cellular level. They strengthen cell membranes to fortify against the
invasion of harmful microorganisms. These nutrients also help dissolve body fat
and increase metabolism and energy production. Thus, they are also very helpful
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Flax seed oil provides omega 3 (linolenic acid), omega 6 and omega 9 fatty
acids. Omegas 3 and 6 benefit the cardiovascular system, as well as the immune
and nervous systems.* It also contains some beta carotene (approximately 4,300
IU per teaspoon) and vitamin E (approximately 15 IU per teaspoon).

Borage oil is an excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid. It also nourishes the

Salmon oil is high in omega-3 essential fatty acids. It helps the cardiovascular
system stay in balance.*

Black Currant oil is rich in linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This
substance supports the body’s manufacture of hormone-like substances known as
prostaglandins that help regulate functions of the circulatory system. GLA
assists the body with its energy processes and is a structural component of the
brain, bone marrow, muscles and cell membranes.*

Evening Primrose oil supplies both linolenic and linoleic acids.

EFA is an essential supplement, containing essential fatty acids, which are
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